HughesNet Toolbar

Your Browser's Best Friend!

No need to fetch your email, news, weather, search—it's always with you with TOOLBAR!

  • Email
    Take it with you
    wherever you go!

  • Search
    Surf the web
    quickly and easily.

  • News
    One-click access
    to all your news.

  • Weather
    Get your forecast
    at a glance.

HughesNet Toolbar is so convenient!
Not only does it keep you connected to your HughesNet
homepage, it also gives you instant access to:

  • Games
  • Maps, photos and travel
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Custom buttons for your personal interests
  • and more...

Download Now

- Windows ME/2000/XP and up
- Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
- Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or greater